*UPDATE: 4/20/2022* Thank you for supporting this handcrafted herb shop! We are currently transitioning thru several major personal & business life shifts, and thereby, while you may still browse products, the ability to place a new order has been disabled until further notice. We look forward to bringing you more magick in the future!

Accessible Plant Magick

Thank you sincerely for your interest in Sacred Smoke Herbals’ Accessible Plant Magick Program. If you, or someone you love, carries the burden of a physical/mental/emotional/spiritual ailment and believe the plant magick here at Sacred Smoke Herbals could offer supporthowever, affordability prevents access, please reach out using the contact form below to see if you qualify for a loving discount. 

Simply provide an authentic explanation of your situation and how you believe these plant offerings would assist you in tapping into your own magick & thereby improve your quality of life. Please note: NO financial details or personal verification is required.

My purest desire, is to ensure these beautiful plant offerings are affordable & available to all who feel called to work with them.