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Sacred Smoke Herbals, a one woman shop, is a collection of plant spirit offerings handcrafted and sourced with the intention of honoring mama Earth, elevating your rituals, soothing the mind + body + soul, and supporting everyday magick through transformation & connection. 

Plant Spirit Medicine

“All things enjoy ecstatic union with nature. Life without ecstasy is not true life and not worth living. Without ecstasy, the soul becomes shriveled and perverted, the mind becomes corrupt, and the body suffers pain. Ecstatic union with nature is necessary for normal health; it is necessary for survival. And to think that plants are mere dumb creatures that do not know ecstasy is ignorance or tragic, arrogant folly.” ― Eliot Cowan, Plant Spirit Medicine

Wild-Harvested Spirits

“Know the ways of the ones who take care of you, so that you may take care of them. Introduce yourself. Be accountable as the one who comes asking for life. Ask permission before taking. Abide by the answer. Never take the first. Never take the last. Take only what you need. Take only that which is given. Never take more than half. Leave some for others. Harvest in a way that minimizes harm. Use it respectfully. Never waste what you have taken. Share. Give thanks for what you have been given. Give a gift, in reciprocity for what you have taken. Sustain the ones who sustain you and the earth will last forever.” ― Robin Wall Kimmerer

Small Batch

"When you buy something made by a person, there is something special there, and you do feel it. The consciousness with which a thing is made is often more important than the thing itself." - J Donald Walters

Be Your Own Healer

"Herb is the healing of a nation..." - Bob Marley